Sunday, 23 July 2017

19th Continental and a fort

This week I have completed the following unit which I will probably field as the 19th Continental Regiment for the 1776 campaign around New York. 


I've also been building a small fort. It's not finished yet but I'm sure you get the idea. This model has the same footprint as my Breed's Hill redoubt so can sit atop the same hill in a slightly more imposing way. I'll post more pictures when it is properly finished. 


Sunday, 16 July 2017

3rd New York Continentals, finished

  I forgot to add these to the blog last week. The completed 3rd NY for the 1776 battles. The flag is conjectural, the beaver was an emblem used by NY militia early in the war. I may or may not retain it. The well known 3rd NY flag is for 1777 after the unit was disbanded and re-raised from scratch. 

Figures are 28mm Perry with a few Foundry command figures. 

Continental Infantry Skirmishers


These are Foundry figures who previously did service in my original British Legion infantry unit. Now that unit has been replaced I thought I'd repainted some of the chaps to give my some singly-based continental troops to act as skirmishers or to garrison buildings, forts, and so on. So it was out with the green faced black jackets and in with blue and brown jackets. For the majority I went for the widespread blue with red facings but I also did a half-dozen in light brown with pale blue facings.